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How Soundiiz works ?

Once you are registered on Soundiiz, you have to connect your favorites music accounts thanks the platform panel at the left.

For each platform you have connected you can check the "Remember me" option for keep login the platform even if you logout.

With the "Refresh" button, Soundiiz will retrieve your last updates on platforms.

And now ? Enjoy ! You can see datas of all your music accounts in the main interface, sortables and ready to be manipulated !


I registered thanks Facebook/Google/Twitter, how can I get a password ?

- For getting a Soundiiz password thanks this registered way, please use the Forgot Password option.

Why some main platforms missing on Soundiiz ?

- Be sure we're doing all we can for integrate your favorites platforms. But we need some basics for doing the integration as an official API with playlist methods.
Unfortunately like Google Play Music, Apple Music or Amazon Prime Music, there's no API available... Be sure if an API is published we integrate it ASAP !
There's some alternative manipulations as export your playlists Google Play Music as M3U and then on Soundiiz.

How convert between two accounts on same platform ?

- Maybe you would like to create a new account to a platform you like. And of course you would like to keep your playlists too.
Soundiiz allow you to save your playlists in a safe place, here at Soundiiz if you create an account. Follow the guide :

1 - Create or connect an account Soundiiz
2 - With your first account convert your playlists to Soundiiz
3 - Then disconnect your first account from Soundiiz (thanks the "disconnect" in left pannel)
4 - Connect to Soundiiz your third part account
5 - Convert from Soundiiz to this account destination

Why I can't connect a platform to Soundiiz ?

- For Tidal, you must have an active premium account. If you registered on Tidal thanks Facebook, use "Forgot Password" on Tidal to getting a new password.

- For Deezer, you must have validate your account before connect it on Soundiiz. For that fill your bank informations on Deezer.

- For YouTube, you must have created a "Channel" on your account YouTube before connect it on Soundiiz.

Any questions ?

This help page is temporary. We're working on a complete documentation for all Soundiiz features.

If this help page didn't solve your issue, please contact us directly.