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What is Soundiiz ?

Soundiiz is a web application that allow users to manage multiple music accounts and transfer/synchronize playlists & favorites (artists, albums and tracks) between streaming services (eg: from Spotify to Tidal). In addition of this feature, Soundiiz offer lot of tools made to save your time.

Which platforms are supported ?

Soundiiz is available to most important platforms in the market. You will be able to transfer your datas between , Soundiiz, Spotify, TIDAL, Deezer, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Napster, YouTube, YouTube Music, SoundCloud, Qobuz, Yandex Music, Amazon Music, iTunes, 8Tracks, Zvooq, Plex, VKontakte, Last.fm, YouSee Musik, Pandora, Telmore Musik, Hype Machine, Slacker Radio, Discogs, Dailymotion, iHeartRadio, Playzer, JioSaavn, KKBox, Anghami, JOOX, Audiomack, Jamendo, 7digital.

Why a few platforms are not available on Soundiiz ?

Some platforms are not present on Soundiiz because they do not have an interface (API) allowing the implementation or are not sufficiently requested by our users. Contact Us to request a platform !

How to connect/disconnect a streaming service ?

In the web app click on the service in the left platforms bar then click on connect / disconnect. Read the full guide

Why I can't connect my TIDAL account ?

To connect Tidal your Tidal account must be Premium and have a password. If you have been registered on Tidal thanks Facebook, you must generate a Tidal password thanks the Forgot Password option.

Why I can't connect my Deezer account ?

To Connect Deezer your Deezer account must be validated (thanks a valid payment informations filled on Deezer).

Why I can't connect my Youtube account ?

You must have enabled a channel on your account.

Can I hide platforms I don't want to use ?

Yes. You can disable platforms in your user settings. Read the full guide

Can I transfer my datas between two account on the same platform ?

Yes. Connect your first account, transfer your datas to Soundiiz, connect your second account and transfer your datas into it from Soundiiz.

Need more help ?

If you didn't found what you need, check the Help Center or you can contact us !

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