Thomas Magnano

July 16, 2018

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Bug Fixes & Improvements 

New features ⭐️

  • We have added “Tracks” library YouTube on Soundiiz (contains your Liked Videos YouTube)
  • Moving to YouTube now looking for YouTube Music audio only tracksbefore finally adding videos if not available 😉
  • You are now able to import / export YouTube favorites tracks
  • Offline tracks uploaded to Spotify are now listed on Soundiiz

Good to know 👇

Google has set a limit of 10 playlists created per day with the API on YouTube. You will get an error message after that or a 304 Soundiiz error.

We are trying to reach them about this limit but no answer yet 😞


  • Fix an issue who block all tools when user closed checkout modal
  • Fix an issue who prevented tools executions
  • Improving compatibility with IE
  • Fix an issue that blocked the closing of the “Add tracks to playlists” tools
  • Checkout issues have been fixed
  • Fix some batch/sync issues
  • Fix Slacker Radio issue when creating a playlist
  • Track matching has been improved when moving to Anghami
  • Minor fixes and improvements here and there 🙂

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