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Our story

As music streaming was all the rage through some music platforms existing at the time, the concept of Soundiiz quickly found its audience. As streaming market was increasing, Soundiiz managed to adapt and progress proposing still more supported platforms and functions to help users handle their online music library.

In less than a few years, Soundiiz became THE solution to transfer music data online. It’s also the main tool of playlists management for many labels, majors, curators and influencers.

Our values

Unlike the economic strategy of the startups of these days, we decided not to make any fundraising for our development and the team is still composed of its two founders.

Why ? Simply because we consider that when it’s possible (which is the case right now), it’s better to be self-financing rather than to be dependent on an investor.

We are lucky to have the technical knowledge and to manage to gather other skills when necessary. This also allows us to keep an attractive price offer (no big team to pay or investors to satisfy !) and to ensure a closer and more direct relation with the customers.

Soundiiz is and will remain independent as long as we decide it!

The team

It all started in 2013. Two friends from Nantes (France) were eager to create the best service ever to manage their online music collection. They invented Soundiiz.

Thomas Magnano

As a co-founder, Thomas is the Back-End expert of the team. He deals with the technical partners’ relationship as well as the financial and commercial aspects of Soundiiz.

Benoit Herbreteau

As a co-founder, Benoit is rather the Front-End expert of the team. He is in charge of the different interfaces of Soundiiz, attentive to ensure the most efficient experience for the user.

Made in France #FrenchTech #B2B

Proud to belong to the FrenchTech and the online music industry, Soundiiz could rely on the support of the French as well as the international streaming platforms. We could work in close collaboration with the music online actors for all these years, as much for their launch, as to attract new users or to propose to easily and quickly export music data.

Now known as the reference solution around the world for inter-compatibility of online music data, Soundiiz keeps growing and reaching a larger audience, day after day.

We always do our best to strengthen the relation with our partnerships through meetings with the professionals of the sector as well as through online services to guide the professionals towards the Soundiiz solution.

This goes along with our conformity with the GDPR regulations, our effective presence in France as well as a regular monitoring of the integrations of Soundiiz in our partners’ platforms.

Soundiiz is then also a solution for the music professionals thanks to its many functionalities and its multifaceted community. A community of online music users but also of artists, majors, labels, independants, curators and many others!