Soundiiz AI Generator

Create perfect playlists in an instant with our powerful AI-powered tool. Get artists and albums recommendations based on your taste.

Discovery Soundiiz AI opens the doors to unexplored musical universes, making you discover gems aligned with your requests.
Instant Creation Forget hours of research. Soundiiz AI gives you a playlist ready in seconds.
Immediate listening After generating the ideal playlist, send it directly to your favorite streaming service.

Compatible with major streaming services

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Two Soundiiz AI generation modes: Double your creativity

Tags mode

Choose from moods, genres and decades categories. Select, combine, and let Soundiiz AI do the rest.

Tags mode

Query mode

Enter a simple keyword or phrase, and Soundiiz AI will transform your thoughts into a memorable playlist.

Query mode

Daily Sync: Your Living Playlist with Soundiiz AI

You can add a synchronization option to your query so that every day, our system regenerates and updates your selection based on your initial query.

These daily updates automatically and seamlessly integrate with your favorite streaming service.

No more constantly searching for new songs or fearing monotony: Soundiiz AI ensures that your playlist stays fresh, relevant and lively. Enjoy a constantly evolving hearing experience, reflecting the dynamism of the musical world.

How do I generate a playlist with AI and keep it synced to my favorite streaming service?

  1. Ask our Music AI to generate a list of tracks
  2. Once the generation is over, click on the Synchronize button
  3. Select the destination service and finish your synchronization configuration

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