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Standard tools
Get an overview of all your music collections in one interface
Delete/Unfollow multiple playlists at a time
Import a playlist from file (EXCEL, TEXT, M3U, XSPF, WPL, JSON, XML, NML, PLS), text input or web links
Delete duplicate tracks in your playlists
Save your collection metadata on Soundiiz Only playlists Including favorites Including favorites
Convert playlists from one platform to another One by one (up to 200 tracks) Including "Generated" playlists Including "Generated" playlists
Advanced tools
Keep your playlists synced between different services (more details) Include 1 Syncs Include 20 Syncs Include 50 Syncs (more can be purchased)
Generate playlists, lists of albums or artists with AI-powered tool Up to 10 per 24 hours
Manage your favorite Albums/Artists/Tracks
Export your playlist as CSV, TXT, XSPF, JSON, XML, and URL files
Export your list of favorite Albums/Artists/Tracks as CSV, TXT, JSON, XML, and URL files
Import your list of your favorite Albums/Artists/Tracks as TXT, CSV or plain text
Shuffle a playlist tracklist order
Sort playlist tracks by title, artist, album and more
Add a playlist at the end of another
Join two playlists to create a new playlist
Replace a playlist tracklist with another one
Split one playlist into multiple playlists
Smartlinks tools
Create Smartlinks to share Playlists and new Releases (more details)
Standard analytics for your Smartlinks (more details)
Advanced analytics for your Smartlinks (more details)
Customize Smartlinks subdomains and shortcode
No Soundiiz attribution on your Smartlinks
Premium Services
Protect your Soundiiz account using two-factor authentication
Priority Support
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