Keep your playlists synced

Advanced feature to keep your playlists updated automatically across all your music platforms

What can I do with the Sync feature?

Do you use multiple music services? One for curating, one for Hi-Fi? Or maybe you are a playlist curator and want to spread your playlists everywhere? If so, Sync is the solution!

Sync YOUR playlists between the different music services that you are using

Sync FOLLOWED playlists that you love to your streaming platform

Are you a curator? If so, Sync a playlist to MULTIPLE streaming services

Automate your playlists

Once configured, your Syncs will be executed on the frequency you set. After that, there is nothing more to do, you will be notified if Soundiiz didn't find all your tracks or has any issues with your music accounts.

Configure your Syncs

Depending on your needs, your Syncs could have different settings. Set your Sync method, the execution frequency or randomized option. More options will be coming soon!

Choose a sync method

Choose between Replacing the whole destination tracklist OR only Adding new elements to an existing tracklist.

Set up a Frequency

You can choose between a Daily, Weekly and a Monthly execution. Also set the execution Hour/Timezone for more control.

Want to shuffle your music?

Set this option to randomize the destination tracklist order when the sync will be executed.