Thomas Magnano

April 12, 2019

How to export Amazon Music playlist

You have created some playlists with the Amazon Music Unlimited offer and would like now to export them to another music service ?

Soundiiz is able to export your Amazon Music playlists to more than 30 music streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, TIDAL and so many others !

Transfer Amazon Music playlist to Spotify and more

Copy for free Amazon Music playlist to Spotify and other Soundiiz supported music services in few steps:

  • Open Amazon Music app or website
  • Select playlist you want to export, click on  > Share Playlist > Copy Link
  • On Soundiiz, select Amazon Music in platforms list
  • Paste the shared link Amazon Music and confirm
  • Then choose a title for your playlist and start the process !

Your Amazon Music playlist will be created on the destination service you have chosen !

Export Amazon Music playlist to CSV

Maybe you prefer keep on a local text file your Amazon Music playlist well curated ? Sure ! With Soundiiz you can export your playlists as multiple file formats (CSV, TXT, JSON, XSPF, XML …).

For that, convert your Amazon Music playlist to Soundiiz. Once on Soundiiz, you will be able to export your playlist as CSV format quickly.

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