Thomas Magnano

June 29, 2022

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New supported payment methods and Boomplay addition

New Payment Methods

New features ⭐️

 And more additions! 👏 

  • Your Bandcamp albums are now listed as generated playlists on Soundiiz.
  • Artists you follow on Amazon Music are now listed under the “Artists” tab.
  • The “Top Tracks” Amazon Music playlist has been added to your generated Soundiiz playlists.
  • While importing a CSV file, you can now use “;” or “,” as a delimiter (previously required “;”).
  • When transferring a playlist to Plex, the source description and the cover are copied when possible.
  • When exporting a result file after a transfer process, we set the filename according to the playlist title.

More changelog 👇

  • Improved 3D Secure 2 flow for accepting more payments by card (VISA, MASTERCARD, Amex, and UnionPay).
  • Fixed some login issues while using the Soundiiz Android application (we still recommend using directly our web app as much as possible for a better experience).
  • Fixed an issue that could disconnect SoundCloud from Soundiiz too often.
  • We have improved our matching process to match as much as possible with the correct album for YouTube Music and Apple Music.
  • Many API improvements for all supported platforms.

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