Thomas Magnano

December 1, 2023

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What a year! The latest 2023 changelog is here

The end of the year is coming with some new Soundiiz additions and fixes. The Soundiiz Team wishes you a joyous Holiday season and a happy and peaceful New Year! ✨

New features ⭐️

  • We have updated the left panel to connect services: displaying only music platforms you are using.
  • You can now subscribe to our paid plans with PayPal.
  • A new Soundiiz API is available. Reach out to us using the Help button if you have any questions.
  • You can import a KCRW playlist to Spotify, Apple Music, and many more services.
  • Napster is now handling the import of favorite artists and albums.
  • Support of XLS and XLSX files in the import playlist and tracks tool.

 And more additions! 👏 

  • In some cases, we can now add more than 10 playlists per 24 hours for YouTube and YouTube Music.
  • The Android app login issues have been fixed for Google and YouTube.
  • The global mobile user experience has been enhanced.
  • The speed of the matching process increased and was fixed.
  • Soundiiz is now compatible with Google YouTube Takeout files for playlists and library files.

Complete changelog 👇

  • You are no longer required to have a LINK subscription to connect Beatport or Beatsource to Soundiiz.
  • Favorite tracks are now added in the correct order to YouTube Music, Qobuz and some other services.
  • Fixed an issue while parsing NML file for Traktor
  • Many API improvements for all supported platforms and matching processes.

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