Thomas Magnano

July 27, 2018

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JOOX is now available on Soundiiz 

New features ⭐️

  • JOOX is now available Soundiiz !
  • Import your playlists and favorites tracks to JOOX / Export to other streaming services or in text file !
  • Connecting JOOX on Soundiiz will disconnecting you on JOOX website.

Good to know

We are working on new offer to increase the number of active syncs available per account. Also including 1 active sync for Free users ! 👍

Changelog 👇

  • Fix an issue while scrolling with a screen height over than 1600px
  • Fix scroll issue with navigation & platforms bar on mobile
  • Platform to platform categories selection fix
  • Google reCAPTCHA during login and registration process is now invisible
  • No more ads on Soundiiz (also for Free users)
  • Display a specific error message when having the YouTube limit reached
  • Improving API integrations / Fix some front issues

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