Nicolas Rogès

June 15, 2023

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Soundiiz AI-Powered Playlist generator is here!

Some of you patiently awaited it, and the time is now up: Soundiiz’s AI-Powered Playlist generator has arrived!

These past months, AI-Powered tools have been impossible to miss. They are on everyone’s lips and stirring up debate. ChatGPT first took center stage, inspiring fascination and wild speculation, before other technologies quickly took over. 

Today, even if some people are skeptical and fear that AIs will end up replacing human work, particularly in the field of graphics or writing, there is no doubt that appropriately used, they are a tool of almost infinite power. Every day, there’s a Twitter thread or an article on a tech site explaining how to get the best out of different forms of AI, and the world’s sharpest minds are working on these new technologies. Both fascinating and frightening, AI is everywhere and is set to continue growing

In May 2023, at a presentation of its new tools, Google unveiled its Search Generative Experience, based on Google Bard. The aim is to integrate AI into Google’s market-leading search tool. Facebook also unveiled its own AI: META AI. Go further, faster, more accurately, and efficiently: Google’s and Meta’s IA hold excellent promise.

It summarizes most AI-related initiatives: extending the experience, improving wobbly points, and optimizing efficiency. At Soundiiz, we have the same objective. Not to replace what already exists but make it easier for you to use music streaming platforms. 

Until now, even if AIs abounded, none focused exclusively on music. Until Soundiiz’s AI-powered Playlist generator came along. 

What is Soundiiz’s AI-Powered Playlist generator?

At Soundiiz, we’re passionate about technology. And we quickly realized how AI could help improve your day-to-day experience of using music streaming platforms. That’s why we’ve been working for several months on a tool we’re the only ones offering. It generates targeted suggestions for albums, songs, and playlists with just a few clicks. 

That’s not to say that our ambition is to replace the playlist and album proposals generated by the algorithms of Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube Music, etc., which already exist, and are efficient and widely used. We’re just offering a different, complementary tool to be as precise as possible in our suggestions since you, not a streaming platform, are at the source of it all. 

Not to go into boring details, but our AI is a mix of other existing AIs, coupled with Soundiiz’s magic touch: we bring the best of multiple worlds, mix it with our secret sauce and serve you a mixture you can’t find anywhere else.

But how does it work?

Open Soundiiz to start generating playlists with AI. You can manually enter two search modes. 

The first, which works with tags, lets you enter tracks by musical genre, mood, and decade. Based on these criteria (you can choose only one if you wish), our tool will generate a list of songs or albums that match what you’ve entered.

The other mode is based on written content. The possibilities are endless. You can ask our tool to “create a relaxing playlist for when I get home from work,” “create a playlist that motivates me to go out and play sport,” or “create a playlist of seventeenth-century Scandinavian music composed entirely of wind instruments.”

Regarding this last criterion, we are, of course, joking! Still, it’s not far from the truth: our ambition, like all AI tools, is to offer constant evolutions and improvements so that as the months go by, Soundiiz’s AI becomes more than ever your perfect companion.

We’ve made sure that the tool is as easy to use as possible by choosing to reduce the number of choices. 

Note: we also included a “Deep Search” function. If you look for a particular material, such as a list of songs by only one producer/composer or music only released in a month of a precise year, in only one musical genre, you can cross this box. Our AI-powered playlist will be as accurate as possible. The list will be shorter than if you use the general search function (25 references against 100), but it should fit your needs.

What to do with the songs or albums generated?

We’ve combined the power of our AI with the features that Soundiiz users love

AI Playlist generator

Once you’ve used our AI to create a playlist of songs or albums, you have three options

  • You can import your AI playlist to Spotify, Apple Music, and more, or add these songs to your favorites with Soundiiz. Connected to your music accounts and thus deploy them to the streaming service you use. Everything you’ve generated will then be automatically added to your library.
  • You can export the list of songs or playlists in CSV format, store them wherever you like and share them quickly. You’ll be able to automatically add the songs to your favorites lists and find them on the streaming platform of your choice.
  • Using the “Sync” function, you can generate a new playlist daily for your “commute to work.” Every day, an updated list of songs will be integrated into your existing “commute” playlist, created according to your criteria. And you won’t have to do a thing. 

How is our AI different from that of streaming platforms?

Let’s say it: we are among the first to create an AI-powered Playlist generator.

Our AI is not tied to any particular platform. It acts independently, without relying on the existing high-performance algorithms of Spotify, Apple Music, and others. Everybody knows some songs are unavailable on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, or TIDAL. When Soundiiz generates a list of songs using AI, it doesn’t limit itself to any availability factor. All songs, albums, and artists are available!

It complements what already exists and, above all, takes a different approach. It’s not you who “consumes” what your platforms’ algorithms suggest on your home pages, but YOU who are the source of the suggestions. You tell our AI what you want to listen to by choosing a specific musical genre or playlist. In a way, you take control of the suggestions. 

You’re moving from a passive to an active logic to always be as close as possible to your listening habits. 

We also benefit from years of experience in the streaming sector and Soundiiz’s widely used transferring, importing, and exporting tools. If you generate an AI-Powered playlist, you can store it in your Soundiiz account, move it to the streaming platform you use, download it as a text or CSV file, and all the other services Soundiiz offers. It’s an all-in-one solution, and we are the only ones, as of now, to provide this kind of service.

How to use Soundiiz’s AI-Powered Playlist generator?

First, you must create a Soundiiz account if you don’t have one or log in.

On the left of your screen, in the “Tools” section, you’ll see a “Generate” line with a little “AI” icon right next to it. Click on it.

AI Playlist generator

A window will open, and our AI tool will appear!

You’ll have multiple choices: you can choose to generate tracks (playlists), albums, or artists and select the maximum number of items you want us to generate. To manage this, click on the two drop-down lists under “I want to generate” and “Max items”. It couldn’t be simpler!

Soundiiz's AI-Powered Playlist generator

Once this is done, Soundiiz offers you three categories: “Genres” (Soul, Blues, Classical, Ambient,…), “Moods” (Calm, Chill, Groovy,…), and “Decades” (1940s, 1980s,…). Note that there’s no limit to the number of parameters you can choose: you can select just one or 150 (good luck!).

Once you’ve chosen, click the “Generate the list” button.

AI Playlist generator

Soundiiz has created a list of songs, artists, or albums for you! You then have four options:

  • Import the playlist into your Soundiiz account or one of the streaming platforms connected to your account
  • Import the generated songs into an existing playlist
  • Export the generated playlist as a file to store it anywhere you like
  • Synchronize, as explained just above this section
Soundiiz's AI-Powered Playlist generator

Here, we chose to import the playlist. Click on the “Import Playlist” button.

Soundiiz lets you confirm that the list is correct or deselect certain songs. Once you’ve reviewed the list, click on “Confirm”.

AI Playlist generator

You can then “Create a new playlist”, with all the songs generated, “add to playlist”, i.e., add these songs to an existing playlist, or “Replace in playlist”, i.e., replace all the pieces in a playlist with the newly generated playlist.

Soundiiz's AI-Powered Playlist generator

Here, we choose “Create a new playlist”.

You can then choose its title and enter a description (optional).

You can then choose where you want to upload this new playlist. Please note that if you choose to import your playlist from somewhere other than your Soundiiz account, the platform must first be connected!

Soundiiz's AI-Powered Playlist generator

Choose your favorite destination and start the process!

AI Playlist generator

Once the transfer is complete, you’ll see a window indicating “Conversion success”.

AI Playlist generator

You are all set to use Soundiiz’s AI-Powered Playlist generator!

Our AI is still at its BETA stage: don’t hesitate to tell us everything you like about it and what can be improved: we’re all ears!

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