Thomas Magnano

July 1, 2020

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Monetize your playlists with Soundiiz & Groover!

Today we are introducing a new partnership with Groover 🔊🎶  

Groover helps artists who want to promote their music connect with the best media outlets, radio stations, and record labels looking for emerging talents.

Become a Music Influencer on Groover and start monetizing your playlists!

For some years now, playlists have been more and more popular on streaming music platforms. For an artist, it’s the place to increase his fanbase and get more and more listeners. 

That’s why having a friendly curated playlist with significant followers is valuable!

How does it work?

We recommend you to start by creating on Soundiiz a Smartlink for your public playlists. With this smart link, you can share your playlist with a simple URL on socials like Facebook, Twitter, blogs / personal websites, and even Instagram!

Soundiiz Smartlink example with a Groover option to submit a song!

As you can see in the example above, you can easily add a Groover button to link your Groover profile.

With Soundiiz, you can automatically synchronize your playlist on every music service! Soundiiz supports all popular music platforms, so you can redirect your listeners to the right place without having to recreate your playlists everywhere 😉 It’s a good addition for an artist to know that as an influencer, you are active on multiple music services!  💪 

I got my SmartLink and my syncs up on Soundiiz; what should I do then?

It’s time to become a music influencer on Groover! Create an account on Groover to join the selection of music influencers (more information about Groover Influencers).

Once your profile is accepted and on Groover, copy the link (it should be like and add a “Groover” link to your Smartlink on Soundiiz by pasting this URL.

Now, when a visitor comes to your Smartlink, he will be able to listen to your playlists and then quickly and easily submit a song through Groover!

How can I be paid to promote new artists and songs to my playlists?

An artist must pay with “Grooviz” (1 Grooviz = 1€ all taxes included), and it costs 2 Grooviz to send you a song. Every time an artist sends you a piece for feedback, you have up to 7 days to respond and be paid for that.

When you listen to his track and give feedback, you are paid 1 Grooviz, whatever your decision is, to share the song or not!

Soundiiz x Groover partnership

Using the power of Soundiiz to create smart links and synchronizations is an excellent addition to the Groover platform, which will help you to monetize your playlists.

We are proud to support artist promotion and curators on Soundiiz with Groover! Check this Groover Blog article about How to Easily Manage your playlists with Soundiiz to know more about relations between our services.

Are you an artist? 🎵💿  Use SOUNDIIZGROOVERVIP to get 10% on your first Groover campaign!

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