Benoit Herbreteau

August 19, 2018

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ZVOOQ is now available on Soundiiz 

New features ⭐️

  • Zvooq (Zvuk) is now available Soundiiz !
  • Import your playlists and favorites tracks to Zvooq / Export to other streaming services or in text file !
  • You can set a “Shuffling” option to a Sync, to randomize tracklist destination order after the process
  • “Your Weekly Mixtape” iHeartRadio is now available on Soundiiz

Good to know 🔉

We have reached 10 000 likes through our Facebook page and 2 000 followers on our Twitter page 🐤!

Thank you to all of our followers for you support, you’re amazing 😍

Changelog 👇

  • Fix an important issue when setting frequency to a scheduled task
  • Fix an issue while loading Pandora Thumbs Up tracks
  • TIDAL issue fixed when adding tracks no more available
  • Top 100 All Time Soundiiz has been temporary removed
  • Backend rework in progress, as we are now supporting 25 platforms !
  • Improving API integrations / Fix some front issues

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