Thomas Magnano

June 19, 2023

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AI Playlist Generator and reworked mobile interface

That’s it! More than ten years after our application launch, AI is now integrated into Soundiiz. Even if it’s just the beginning, this is the first step for more features and possibilities. Curious? Check our latest changelog below.

Soundiiz AI-Powered Playlist Generator

New features ⭐️

  • Soundiiz AI-Powered Tool available; you can now automatically generate playlists, lists of albums, and artists with artificial intelligence.
  • Jellyfin (a Free Emby alternative) is available on Soundiiz.
  • The interface has been reworked to be easier for mobile devices and small screens.

 And more additions! 👏 

  • We can now delete tracks in an Amazon Music playlist, allowing the “Replace” mode in your Syncs!
  • eSound playlist can now be imported to another music service with the URL.
  • The import by plain text or text file handling better the “artist – title” format and track number.
  • Importing a playlist iTunes file in “Import albums” or “Import artists” is working; retrieving albums or artists from your playlist.
  • You can enable a new notification in your settings; that lets you know when a music service has been disconnected from Soundiiz unexpectedly.

Complete changelog 👇

  • The matching process has been deeply reworked and should be more precise and fast.
  • The version is now well retrieved and displayed for a TIDAL track name.
  • Album tracks for Plex and Emby are now displayed on the Soundiiz interface.
  • The option to create a Soundiiz account or “Sign in with” Twitter has been removed.
  • We now accept Discover/Diners Club cards payment and Paypal (only by invoice).
  • We have updated the maximum number of playlists you can save on Soundiiz to 30,000.
  • In addition to your username, a link to your YouTube/YT Music profile has been added to confirm you have connected the correct account to Soundiiz.
  • Many API improvements for all supported platforms and matching processes.

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