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Apple Music
Wiedergabelisten 42
Alben 36
Künstler 29
Titel 250
Wiedergabelisten 42
Alben 36
Künstler 29
Titel 250
Konvertieren Übertrage Wiedergabelisten, Alben, Künstler oder Titel zwischen allen Streaming-Diensten.
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Nicht nur Wiedergabelisten!

Sondern auch Favoriten und Künstler, die du in deiner Sammlung gespeichert hast

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Helps save time and effort
I’ve used one service for years as part of a family plan and recently prefer to use another because I like its app interface and features better...
I really like Soundiiz service
I really like Soundiiz service and the convenience in using it has improved greatly over time. A few further developments, which I'm sure will come, and it will be 5 stars.
Best playlist manager across streaming
Best playlist manager across streaming services ! Regular addition of features and services. Easy web interface...
Great service
Soundiiz is a great service that does what it says it will do, at a reasonable cost. It's mainly oriented to playlists, but they are continuing to add features...
A surprisingly satisfying experience
I decided to ditch Tidal in favour of Qobuz because I was tired of tracks just stopping playing at random. I used Soundiiz to transfer my playlists and the experience was wonderful...
Soundiiz synchronize makes life easier
I used it to monitor playlist changes on Spotify and make the update on my Qobuz playlist so that I can play them in CD quality...
This has saved me so much time
I use this for syncing playlists from Spotify to Beatport and it does that perfectly and runs on a schedule to automatically add new tracks...


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