iTunes to Spotify

Soundiiz import your playlists easily from iTunes to Spotify

How To transfer playlists from iTunes to Spotify ?

Soundiiz is able to import playlists generated by iTunes. The steps bellow show you the process to import your iTunes playlists to Spotify.

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Export your iTunes playlist as file

  1. Open your iTunes software
  2. Go to playlist you want to export and File > Library > Export Playlist
  3. Choose the .txt format
  4. Save the playlist file on your device

Use Soundiiz to import your iTunes playlist file to Spotify

  1. Open the Web App Open
  2. In your library select Playlists category Playlists Tab
  3. Select Import Playlist in top right
  4. Choose From file and upload your file
  5. Follow steps to import your playlist on Spotify
Your file must be < 2mo. If you have a larger file, split your file in multiple files while keeping the header line of the file.