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Apple Music
Playlists 42
Albums 36
Artists 29
Tracks 250
Playlists 42
Albums 36
Artists 29
Tracks 250

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Transfer Transfer playlists, albums, artists or tracks between all streaming services.
Synchronize Keep automatically synchronized playlists between different streaming platforms
Playlist AI Generate playlists with artificial intelligence using a simple text or by selecting moods, genres, and years.

What music lovers say about Soundiiz

Many of our customers all over the world recommend Soundiiz and are share their experiences.

I’ve used one service for years as part of a family plan and recently prefer to use another because I like its app interface and features better...
I really like Soundiiz service and the convenience in using it has improved greatly over time. A few further developments, which I'm sure will come, and it will be 5 stars.
Best playlist manager across streaming services ! Regular addition of features and services. Easy web interface...
Soundiiz is a great service that does what it says it will do, at a reasonable cost. It's mainly oriented to playlists, but they are continuing to add features...
I decided to ditch Tidal in favour of Qobuz because I was tired of tracks just stopping playing at random. I used Soundiiz to transfer my playlists and the experience was wonderful...
I used it to monitor playlist changes on Spotify and make the update on my Qobuz playlist so that I can play them in CD quality...

Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find answers to the questions we get most asked about using Soundiiz.

How Soundiiz works?
We use music services' metadata to match your playlists, songs, artists, and albums as much as possible when transferring them to the destination platform. That means we will not be able to transfer songs that do not exist in the destination catalog, for example.
Is Soundiiz safe?
Soundiiz adheres to the highest data protection standards while transferring your music library. Soundiiz is also fully GDPR compliant; information such as your user ID, username, and music library content remains secure. Find more information here.
Can I buy Soundiiz to do a one time transfer?
Yes! If you only need Soundiiz to do a one-time transfer to a music service, you can take the monthly subscription and then cancel it. You can keep using paid features until your monthly access is over.
How do I cancel my Soundiiz subscription?
You can cancel your subscription at any time in your user settings. Need a step by step tutorial? This is how to cancel your Soundiiz subscription.
Does Soundiiz remove my playlists and favorites from the source platform?
No! While doing a transfer, we are only copying as much as possible your playlists and favorites to the new platform. We do not update or delete anything on the source platform.