Export Bandcamp to XSPF

Export to the XSPF file of your playlists and favourites from Bandcamp

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The best solution to manage your online music collection!
  • 43 music services supported
  • Transfer your playlists and favorites
  • No need to install any application

How to export Bandcamp playlists to XSPF?

We cannot transfer this kind of element to . This platform could not support this type of data, or we are unable to retrieve this data from the source platform. Learn more

What is Bandcamp?

With Bandcamp, discover amazing music and directly support the artists who make it. Artists can create their own online store to promote and sell their music, as well as merchandise.

What is Soundiiz?

Soundiiz is the most complete online tool to manage your music library between multiple services. It offers a simple way to import and export playlists and favorites tracks, artists, and albums.