NetEase Music (网易云) to Slacker Radio

Soundiiz imports your playlists easily from NetEase Music (网易云) to Slacker Radio

प्लेलिस्टों को NetEase Music (网易云) से Slacker Radio में कैसे ट्रांसफर करें?

Soundiiz can import NetEase Music (网易云) playlists to other music platforms. The steps below show you the process of importing your NetEase Music (网易云) playlists to Slacker Radio.

फ्री (एक के बाद एक) प्लेलिस्ट

Using playlist URL from NetEase Music (网易云) website or application

  1. Select playlist you want to export on NetEase Music (网易云) and Copy URL using the share link / browser URL
  2. To get one of your playlists, be sure to set it to 'Public' in the details
  3. On Soundiiz, go to Playlists tab and choose Import Playlist / From Web URL
  4. Paste the NetEase Music (网易云) URL and confirm to import to Slacker Radio